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Kids have a lot of energy. Endless amounts of energy. And well video games and computers are not the best way to burn this excess energy or to keep kids in shape. Kids don’t want boring ol’ exercise, they want fun activities and games! That’s why I was excited to have the opportunity to review Hoopersize from KidTribe.

I just asked for my birthday this year a hula hoop. It’s crazy good exercise that you can easily do while your kids are outside playing or even inside. Big Brother quickly mastered my hula hoop and wanted one for his birthday too. So when I found out they actually have a fitness program designed around the hula hoop, I was in!

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Hoopersize comes in a small little box and includes an easy to assemble, full size and virtually indestructible pro-hoop. It is thicker, heavier and a lot sturdier than typical hoops. I thought for sure when I put it together and saw how big it was that there was no way I was going to be able to hoop with it, let alone Big Brother. I was quite surprised to find it was actually easier than my smaller hoop. It took Big Brother a bit longer as the hoop is nearly as tall as he is, but he did it! The kit is designed for ages 6 and up, but Big Brother  is 5 and is having a blast with it.

DSC05347 copyDSC05625 copy

With the Hoopersize kit you not only get the durable hoop but also get two Parent’s Choice Foundation Award-winning DVD’s featuring instructional music videos and also a CD with seven hoopersize tunes. The whole family had a blast watching the video’s and seeing all the amazing things that can be done with the hoop. Adults to young children all with mad tricks. Big Brother tried his hand at a few, including this arm twirling move. But watch out in the house for flying hoops! Even dad had to try it out which left us all laughing and out of breath. Could we really have just been exercising with all that fun? Yep you better believe it!

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The Hoopersize kit with the DVD’s and CD is just $39.95 and you can order additional hoops for $24.95. Hooping burns approximately 210 calories per 30-minutes making this within the accepted guidelines for exercise that can contribute to weight management. Kids need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every single day says KidTribe Creater Miss Kellee. But sadly her research finds that over 75% of our nation’s kids do not exercise even 20 minutes a day.

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Kid expert and fitness guru, Kellee McQuinn founded KidTribe in 2002. KidTribe is an international children’s fitness and nutrition program. With over 3.5 million participating kids and teachers throughout the US and the UK, KidTribe makes being healthy cool!

{Here is Big Brother, hooping it up with the giant hoop! – If he can do it, so can you and your family!}


So what are you waiting for? Hoop it up! Burn some calories, spend time as a family and have some laughs! Great for parties and everyday fun! Don’t have a hoop to get started? Well now is your chance to win a Hoopersize kit of your own! Enter below! Good Luck!
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  1. Rosita says:

    I can, but haven’t for many years.

  2. Tara says:

    What a cool idea! You can tell Big Brother really likes it :)

  3. Karolyn says:

    Just this summer I was teaching my daughter to hula hoop!

  4. Sarah G says:

    I used to be able to but I haven’t tried in years so I am not sure if I still can.

  5. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    Well I used to be able to. I haven’t tried in years! Guess I should try again!

  6. Emi says:

    Yes, I can but not well. I tried it at the Bay Area Disco dry museum recently

  7. Renee Walters says:

    I was able to. I haven’t tried in years.

  8. Wendy Clark says:

    I know I used to be able to Hulu. Would like to see if I still could.

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  10. Sheila says:

    My children would enjoy this hulahoops especially my daughter who likes stealing and using my hula hoops

  11. Cassandra Kelton says:

    I tried to hula hoop a few months ago and it did not go well! I have become too round!

  12. Mary Dailey says:

    We hula hooped so much when we were kids, that we lost weight and our mom made us stop for a while. I tried about 10 years ago and wasn’t any good at it! lol This would have to be for the grandkids!

  13. Natasha says:

    Im pretty good! My son would love this!

  14. shirley says:

    I could at one time, have not tried in years. Started around 6.

  15. Sacha Schroeder says:

    Not very well but I can. My daughter and I did it this summer!

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