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I bought Big Brother a pair of used Keen’s brand shoes a few months ago at a garage sale. And if you know anything about Keen’s they are heavy duty and built to last. Well with that being said even though the outside looked brand new the insole was completely shot and uncomfortable. I’ve never seen kids insoles before so I wasn’t sure what to do. So I started searching online for kids insoles and found KidZerts! Who knew they do actually have insoles for kids! Yay!

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KidZerts come in three different products. A 3/4 length insole, a full length insole and heel cups. We had the opportunity to review the 3/4 length insoles. These insoles are recommended for kids shoes that do not have removable footbeds, such as dress and casual shoes and various athletic cleats and are the first to incorporate wear-moldable technology that allows the insole to conform to the  unique shape of the the child’s foot.

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The full length insoles are recommended for kids shoes that have removable footbeds like athletic and running shoes and have more cushioning than the 3/4 insole. And the heel cups are recommended for relieving heel pain and discomfort and supporting healthy growing feet. They fit in any shoe and are contoured to comfortably hold the heel in place for added stability. A polyurethane heel plug offers excellent shock absorption and heel protection during high impact activities that involve running and jumping.

All KidZerts products are made of a semi firm rubber and designed to help improve posture and balance all while minimizing foot fatigue, excessive pronation, and discomfort from flat feet. They also have an anti-bacterial top cover that kills over 650 different types of bacteria! WOW!

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You might wonder why you would need insoles for children’s fast growing feet, but look at it as an investment into their future foot health. Kids feet are sensitive and growing and take a beating every day with normal kid activity. Many kids shoes on the market offer zero support and cushioning and over time your kids feet will start to hurt. You know as an adult how awful sore feet are, start them out early with a customized fit and cushioning and keep a smile on their face and yours!

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We were also able to review the KidZerts Foot Measuring Device. You have no idea how often I measure my kids feet, this has been so handy for us! Just as accurate as the metal ones used in stores you simply put your child’s heel at the back curved end and either just look or mark with a permanent marker to find the correct size. It can also be used as a fun keepsake to show your child’s growth. Both boys think this is really fun to play with and since it is made of a recyclable and unbreakable material I let them go right ahead!

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KidZerts originated by mom Melissa Kumler when she noticed a lack of high quality foot care products on the market for kids. Finding most children’s shoes lacked good arch support and many had poorly made thin insoles with little to no cushioning she decided to take matters into her own hands. She consulted with a pedorthist, the podiatrist and medical director of RJ Medical and a highly successful manufacturer of adult arch support insoles. And from their KidZerts was born!

KidZerts are available in kids sizes US 9-10, US 10.5-11.5 and US 12-13 and in youth sizes US 1-1.5, US 2-3 and US 4-5. The 3/4 length insoles are $22.95 and the KidZerts Foot Measuring Device is also $22.95. You can purchase KidZerts online at these great stores.


Please find KidZerts on Facebook and Twitter and show your support to a wonderful company with your kids best interests at heart! (HINT: You just might find a coupon code good through November 30th, 2013 there as well.)

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  1. Sonja says:

    Um, some how I missed this post (probably because I was huge pregnant at the time) , these look awesome! Ayden’s been complaining about sore feet lately. Might have to look into this.

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