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I am a hoarder of weird miscellaneous items, things I think could possibly have another life to them as something else. I just can’t stand the thought of throwing it out if I MIGHT just be able to use it later. This was my parents nightmare when I was growing up and has now become my husbands and sometimes my own when the clutter builds up. But sometimes my clutter turns into something amazing and I feel so smart!

My latest project building these Upcycled First Aid-Survival Kits all started when I spotted the new Extra® 35-stick pack of gum at Walmart. These new packs feature more gum and come in durable, recycled packaging. I always grab a pack of gum as I go through the checkout and just happened to spot these front and center.

Walmart-extra-gumI go through a lot of gum and these new 35-stick packs are perfect for my purse, my desk or even to throw in the car. With the durable packaging I no longer have gum with the wrappers half on and purse debris stuck to it. Ick! And bonus now that I have 35 sticks of gum available I never run out when my kids and husband raid my purse.

When my gum did finally disappear and I was left with the durable plastic case, my hoarding/upcycling tendencies saw a way to re-purpose this into something useful! The Extra® motto “Give Extra, Get Extra” really comes in to play here.

Here is what I did to create a super useful First Aid-Survival Kit. Such a perfect size for your glove box, backpack or even your purse. I have a couple friends with children graduating high school and I think this would make a great gift idea as well.

Upcycled First Aid-Survival Kit

Items Needed:

  • mini lighters
  • tweezers
  • money
  • safety pins
  • rubber bands
  • small light
  • survival tool card
  • emergency blanket
  • band-aids
  • sunscreen wipes/mini packs
  • butterfly bandages
  • EXTRA® Gum
  • parachute cord

You can use any items you choose to customize your own kit. All of my items I found at Walmart and each kit ended up costing about ten dollars.

This is the order in how I put mine together.

1. Cut your emergency blanket in half. Half fits perfectly and allows room for all of your other items.

2. Add your survival card tool. Such a small yet versatile tool. It has a bottle opener, ruler, saw blade, can opener, hex wrench, knife edge, flat head screwdriver, direction ancillary indicator and butterfly wrench. This could come in handy for so many things!

3. Add your lighter and small light. I found these key chain lights were a perfect size. You could also use matches to cut down on space and make room for other items.

4. Add your tweezers, band-aids, butterfly bandages and EXTRA® Gum Spearmint.

5. Add small items such as safety pins, rubber bands and money if you choose. Obviously money isn’t much about survival out on the trail but you just never know. I had four quarters on hand so that is what I used.

6. After filling up my container with my first aid-survival items I realized I wasn’t going to have enough room for my parachute cord. Parachute cord is very versatile and can be used for many things including fishing so I wanted it to be included. I decided to wrap the cord around the container. This keeps the container secure and keeps the cord easily accessible. Each kit has about nine feet of cord wrapped around it.

I’m pretty excited with not only finding new Extra® Gum 35-stick packages but with upcycling the packaging into something so useful. Sharing has never been more practical and fun! At the end of each package of gum is endless possibilities to Give Extra, Get Extra!

How would you upcycle these durable Extra® Gum containers?

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  1. Kelly says:

    This is such a great idea! Especially with summer coming up. I’m going to have to make one of these myself! #client

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