LuLaRoe Logo Horizontal_Full Color Hey everyone! I know I’ve been MIA for a bit, mostly due to summer time crazy and spending time with family. But I have also been working on a new adventure and new part time job as my boys head off to school full time this fall.

You are looking at your NEW LuLaRoe Consultant! I’m seriously so excited and launching all of my new inventory this FRIDAY August 19th, 5PM MST.

LuLaRoe_summer2016__187editSo what is LuLaRoe? For those of you that haven’t yet heard or had the chance to experience LuLaRoe it is a clothing company that provides unique and oh so comfortable clothing for women, men and children through direct sales consultants.

There are dresses, skirts, shirts and the most comfortable leggings you have ever worn! Seriously! I bought my first pair of leggings to see what all the fuss was about, and now here I am preparing to sell them to you because they are that amazing.

LEGGINGSLuLaRoe only produces a certain number of styles in a select print, so if you see something you love – get it! Chances are it will be gone if you don’t!

13408979_951407288305356_117384573_nThere are no catalogs as we host online and in-home pop up boutiques. You can earn free clothing by hosting a pop-up and inviting your friends whether it be online or in person.

Come join me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM! Come browse, come visit or come buy something amazing for yourself….I’d love to have you join no matter if you are a LuLaRoe addict or newbie!

Heard of LuLaroe? What is your favorite style?


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