With school just around the corner we have been enjoying our last long days being active outdoors. Keeping the boys busy and burning off energy is a must each day. With our latest review of Reactorz balls from COOP Sports this outdoor time has been crazy fun!

We had the opportunity to put the Reactorz Soccer Ball and the Micro Football to the test.

Reactorz-aReactorz are made with Reactive Light Technology, so with every action you get an equal and fun bright reaction of the ball. Add that to the soft squishy bounceable rubber design with a textured easy to grip surface, kids (and adults!) just can’t keep their hands off!

ReactorzReactorz-cEven better is the fact there is no on/off switch and no batteries to replace! Each ball has a micro prism core that refracts light with a long-lasting battery built right in. With the bright fun colors Reactorz are like nothing else on the market!

Reactorz-dWe couldn’t wait to get these out of the package and in motion. The balls light up with every touch and movement as advertised and are so comfortable for kids to toss and play. The soft rubber makes for fun bouncing action and a softness for hands and feet of young children.

Reactorz-gThe balls are just the right size and super easy to pack. They are tons of fun in the backyard but make a great game for the park and camping! Be prepared for lots of questions on where others can purchase them too!

Reactorz-bReactorz-eThese are going to be my go-to birthday/holiday gifts this coming season as get this…the Soccer Ball is only $17.99 and the Micro Football is just $7.99! So much fun at these great prices and a sturdy nearly indestructible design make these a huge WIN!

Reactorz-fOther options are also available such as a Regulation Size Basketball, Disc, Micro Gripz and Playground Ball. All balls are for girls and boys ages 5 and up.

Want one? Or two or three? You can find the Reactorz collection at Toys R Us and Academy Sports + Outdoors stores.

Reactorz is brought to you by COOP Sports and you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube!

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