I remember when I was a new mom (gasp! over 8 years ago now!) I did research upon research trying to find healthy options for dinnerware, drink ware and anything and everything that my child may come in contact with. Items with no chemicals, BPA and Phthalates. Sadly then options were very limited. Everything was made of plastic.

And although eight years isn’t really that long ago we have made leaps and bounds on items now available for children that are non toxic and safe! One of these options is Brinware.

brinware-fBrinware products use tempered glass and silicone. Glass because it has been a trusted material for products for many years and is always free of BPA. Glass is also super easy to clean, microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

brinware-dSilicone is used as it is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and does not retain odors. Best of all it is super durable so you can boil, microwave and even throw it in the dishwasher!

We had the opportunity to put the Brinware plates and Multi Purpose Container to the test. Even though my boys aren’t babies anymore they love having having their own “kid” stuff. (Psst! They are also great for picky eaters!)

brinware-eBrinware plates come in sets or singles. We reviewed the 2-pack with the It’s a Hoot and School of Fish design. Seriously these are so cute. For $19.99 you get a set of two plates. Each plate is 7.5″ and has a cute print silk screened to the back of the plate using lead-free ink. Over the tempered glass plate is then a bright fun silicone sleeve for protection and slip resistance. Perfect for kids of all ages!

brinware-bThe silicone sleeves are easily removed for cleaning and interchanging with other plates for fun!

brinware-cWe keep these plates easily accessible to the boys when they are on their own in the kitchen or for serving up snacks. They are always requested and the perfect size for meal time.

The Multi-Purpose container is equally as cute as the plates as it comes in a matching blue/green School of Fish design. For $14.99 you get a container made of borosilicate glass and FDA approved food grade silicone. They are safe for freezers, microwaves, dishwashers and oven safe up to 400F degrees. This container holds 2 1/4 cups and is perfect for leftovers, school lunch, snacks and more! The little cut out fish make it easy to see what is in the container and the silicone makes it easy to grip.

brinware-aAlso available in matching designs are The Catch All Silicone Bib and Placemats.


Brinware can be purchased directly from their web site or many other stores found here! And BIG news…you can now find Brinware in your local Target store! One stop shop for sure!

Help support this amazing company and follow them on their following social media. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!


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