Did you guys know that there are only 82 days until Christmas? I am by no means ready for Christmas or for the time to fly by but I am super excited to show you my latest review that I guarantee will make a perfect gift for Christmas or any upcoming celebration.

Check out Bluebee Pals. A new revolutionary plush learning tool that can connect with apps and any Bluetooth® enabled device.

bluebee-palsWe had the opportunity to review Hudson The Puppy. Although you can also choose from a collection of other animal characters.

bluebee-pals-bHudson The Puppy is super soft and cuddly and will sing and read while connected to Bluetooth® on phones, tablets and laptops. Hudson’s mouth really moves and makes him come to life to your child. Great for educational apps, storybooks, music and even speech and Occupational Therapy & AAC Apps. We all had the best laugh when Hudson came to life and starting speaking to us! We love him!

bluebee-pals-ebluebee-pals-hThe very best and unique feature is all Bluebee Pals can be used as a wireless speaker for your phone. Having Grandma call and speak through Hudson was so fun and entertaining. The boys just loved it! You simply press the phone button on his ear to answer or end a call.

bluebee-pals-cKids no longer have to choose between their favorite stuffed animal and technology. They can snuggle up on their Bluebee Pal and just get lost in the story, movie or music! You can see on my boys faces how intently they are listening to Hudson and the story. I can’t wait to take this to their classrooms and have Hudson read a story to the class!

bluebee-pals-gbluebee-pals-fBluebee Pals use a rechargeable battery and come with a USB cable for charging. Bluebee will also remind you to recharge when the battery is low. Simple for kids to turn on/off and charge themselves and a mom’s dream of not changing the batteries each day!

bluebee-pals-dBluebee Pals are priced at $64.99 and great for ages 3-8. They can easily be purchased at www.BluebeePals.com or online at Target, Walmart and Amazon.

Bluebee Pals make learning fun! See this demo video to see them in action!

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