IMG_0400 copyBig Brother turned 5 last month and we had a high flying Airplane themed Birthday party! With special thanks to my sponsors Peaceable Kingdom and Green Toys for their generous sponsorship and making this party one of a kind! (You can see detailed reviews Peaceable Kingdom & Green Toys here).

I really wanted to mail out airplanes for the invitations. I found these balsa wood airplanes at Michael’s Craft Store for just $2 each. The top of the wings had some red design which I just used a little light sandpaper and buffed off the paint so I could write on them. I then just used a permanent marker and wrote in the details front and back. As they were quite long I made my own envelopes out of big sheets of cardstock and just taped up the edges. I did first take them to the post office to make sure they could be mailed. I hand delivered as many as I could to save on postage and mailed out the remaining. They were a hit and something to get all the kids excited!DSC04014 copyDSC04016 copyDSC04018 copyDSC04028 copy

I had also found these cute little airplanes made from push pops, sticks of gum and life savers on Pinterest. I knew I had to make them and they turned out so cute! I added them to the kids favor bags for a fun little treat!DSC04603 copy

Also included in the favor bags were Airplane coloring books that I found at the Dollar Store, for you guessed it one dollar! Paper Airplane Kits from my sponsor Peaceable Kingdom and A fun and sturdy race car from my sponsor Green Toys.DSC04616 copy copy

I was stumped on what to put the favors in as they were larger and all sizes and then it hit me! Suitcases! But what to make them out of…hmmm. Well looking around I spotted a couple cereal boxes in our recycling bin and knew I was onto something. I first flattened them and then pulled the glued edge open. I then cut to my desired height and then turned inside out and taped it back together with clear packing tape. I made a handle template and used the cut of portion to make handles and then taped them on the inside. I scrounged around and found enough cereal boxes to make one for each kid and they were all shapes and sizes which was perfect! I then made little name tags out of construction paper to mimic a suitcase tag. I love when an idea turns out!IMG_0348 copy

Cake and/or cupcakes are always high on the list for planning. This year I went with a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting. My sister had found these little airplanes in packs of 6 that were actually airplane Easter eggs on clearance after Easter. I think she paid like 40 cents or something ridiculous for each package. (Thank You Sister!) I had my heart set on using the airplanes on the cupcakes with cotton candy underneath as clouds. Well who knew that cotton candy will dissolve in a matter of minutes once it makes contact with the frosting! Boo! Well I still managed to salvage the plan and have my cupcakes with the airplanes on cotton candy clouds, I just couldn’t set them out on display during the party, but rather bring them out at cake time. It worked out fine and of course they were adorable and still delicious either way!IMG_0373 copyIMG_0369 copy

I had decided on a red, white and blue theme as Big Brother’s Birthday is in July but also because it fit well with airplanes. Decorating outside is much harder than inside as there are not as many hanging options but I felt rather pleased with my styrofoam airplanes soaring over the party. They looked so cool flying I mean dancing in the breeze! My husband also mowed a “runway” through the yard to welcome guests and add a fun little touch. I spray painted a big M a big X and the number 5 down the runway. A few additional red, white and blue touches, Green Toys Airplanes and a bubble machine made the yard one fantastic party!

DSC04607 copy copyDSC04721 copyIMG_0433 copyDSC04633 copyDSC04627 copyDSC04631 copy

We always do Big Brother’s parties in the morning. For one our backyard gets so hot in the Summer and also because my husband has to go to work late afternoon. It works out perfectly to have a cool morning and that means we can do breakfast too! Something different and much more affordable too. This year I decided to do a waffle bar! I had 3 waffle irons going and just kept the oven on low to keep them warm. While I made waffles a friend cooked up a bunch of bacon. Special thanks to her as I could not get it all out to the hungry guests in time without her help! I had tons of topping options and syrups to make your dream waffles! I think all the guests old and young enjoyed the waffle bar!DSC04624 copyDSC04628 copyDSC04635 copy

I spied a couple fun games on Pinterest that I wanted to do. Pin the propeller on the airplane and also throwing airplanes through hula hoop rings. Well I didn’t get my rings up in time but instead used the chains from our swings as the “hoops” for the airplanes to fly through. It worked out great as many of the guests are still pretty little and couldn’t throw the balsa wood airplanes too straight. I loved the pin the propeller on the airplane game. I just used a big paint marker and hand drew the airplane and then made colored propellers out of construction paper. It turned out so cute and all ages could easily play this game. Prizes were the fantastic airplanes from Green Toys! The kids couldn’t wait to get their hands on them!DSC04640 copyDSC04644 copyDSC04670 copy

Big Brother (and Little Brother) had a blast and we had another enjoyable and successful party with friends and family! Can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year’s theme!DSC04713 copyIMG_0413 copy


What is a party without prizes? Special thanks to Peaceable Kingdom who is sponsoring this Birthday themed giveaway! You can win a Paper Airplane Kit (just like in the favor packs above!), a pack of Airplane Stickers & a Birthday Card from Peaceable Kingdom’s wonderful line of products! Enter below and good luck!

Peaceable Kingdom Giveaway

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  1. Tara says:

    Oh my goodness! You always do amazing parties & this is no exception! My favorite part is the arrival & departing sign! That is awesome!

    As for Peaceable Kingdom, they are by far one of my favorite companies. Their cooperative games are SO amazing, especially for someone on the Autism Spectrum, like my son, He does NOT like to lose but loves playing games so Peaceable Kingdom games have been a lifesaver!

  2. Amber says:

    Those paper airplane kits would be perfect for my son’s airplane party coming up in October!

  3. Sonja says:

    Their board games look fun!

  4. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    I think the scratch and sniff Valentines are adorable!

  5. ken ohl says:

    the paper airplanes my niece would love

  6. william saylor says:

    I would like to get the Sunny Days Shapes Match Up Game & Puzzle for my grandson.

  7. JoBeth says:

    I like the woozles but also like the 3d stickers

  8. tia albright says:

    the board games

  9. Larissa Melnik says:

    On Peaceable Kingdom, their card games look so cute!

  10. Miranda Welle says:

    The Flippity Frogs Board Game looks like great fun!

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