logo-schlageI’m sure most of you have heard of Schlage, after all they have been around for over 90 years! And if you’ve been following my blog from they start I have worked with them and completely transformed the look of my house in just a few simple steps. {Transformation Here} One of the top names in door hardware and top of the line security for your family.

Schlage has amazing products by themselves but as technology changes and new products and features emerge they are constantly changing. Schlage how now teamed up with Nexia Home Intelligence to make their products top of the line and most importantly, top of the line features to keep your family safe!


So how does unlocking your door for your kids who forgot their key, from your office sound? How about turning up the heater or air conditioning before you head home so the house is perfect when you walk in the door? What about going on vacation and turning the lights off and on as you please and maybe even checking in to see who’s been at your door? All of this is possible with Schlage products and Nexia Home Intelligence. You can literally control your entire home, depending on which products you utilize all from a computer or smart phone. Brilliant!

I had the opportunity to review the Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm, Schlage Home Appliance Module, Schlage Home Dimmer Module, Nexia Bridge, Schlage Home Door and Window Sensor and Schlage Home Motion Sensor. A huge selection of security items offered by Schlage to completely put you at ease when you head out. This time only I didn’t put them to use at my house, but at my parents house. Their house was broken into a couple years ago and the disgust of being violated and all your personal belongings gone through never goes away. They are constantly worrying about it when they leave to go on vacation or even to work. So my mom was super excited to be able to have something to make her even the tiniest bit more comfortable.

DSC03501 copy

Now I’m not going to lie. Setting this system and components up was a nightmare. Only because my parent’s live out in the country and don’t have access to high speed internet. They get internet through a cell phone usb modem. Ugg if only I would have known. See all the components for the Nexia Home Intelligence work through your internet router. The Nexia Bridge plugs into your router and then “talks” to all your other components through a wireless signal. Without a router they can’t talk and you can’t change or do anything when away from your house.

So that put me on the hunt. There had to be something out there that would make this work. Surly there were other’s with this same problem right? And yes of course there is a product, not specifically designed for this reason but it would do the job. What I found is called a 3G Router. It is designed for working with cell phone signals and has a built in port for the USB modem. What it does is create a wireless signal for other items around the house from your one USB modem. This is exactly what we needed as we were able to plug in the Nexia Bridge to the 3G Router and then and only then the Bridge was able to find and “talk” to the other components. The 3G router that we purchased was on the lower end at $40 but did the exact job we needed it to.

So now that we had hurdled that obstacle it was time for installing all the components. The Touchscreen Deadbolt was first and was very easy to install when following the directions. You definitely want to make sure to follow them as there is a specific way to get everything in order to make sure the wiring is connected right. If you are just replacing an old deadbolt with this new one then your new Schlage hardware should all fit the same. The only thing that might be new, I know it was on mine as well as my mom’s is the extra security plate that goes in your door frame. This is to add extra support and reinforcement in the case of a break-in. I had to chisel my strike plate hole down to fit both the reinforcement plate and the decorative plate. A bit extra work, but totally worth it for extra piece of mind.

DSC03666 copy

DSC03676 copyDSC03673 copyThe Touchscreen Deadbolt is so cool. Super high tech and so easy to use. With built-in alarm, hopefully the deadbolt alone would stop an attempt to break-in. This is my mom’s favorite part of the whole set up. She can enter and exit with a code and no fumbling with keys, she can program codes for the rest of us or even a neighbor who feeds their cats while they are away. You can have the Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm without having the rest of the Nexia security package. Here are some of the features of the deadbolt…

  • ANSI Grade 1 Highest Residential Security
  • Durable Resistive Touchscreen with matte finish to protect against fingerprints and smudges
  • Anti-pick shield protects against lock tampering
  • Strong motorized bolt automatically locks and unlocks when a user code is entered
  • Build-in Alarm Technology senses movement of the door and alerts homeowners with an audible alert
  • Select between three alerts- activity, tamper or forced entry alert- and customized to meet fit your security needs
  • With Nexia™ Home Intelligence, lock or unlock your door from anywhere with your cell phone
  • With Nexia™ Home Intelligence, schedule lock codes to be active only on certain days at specific times
  • With Nexia™ Home Intelligence, receive text alerts when an alarm triggers or when specific codes are entered at the lock
  • Holds up to 30 user codes
  • Easy installation with just a screwdriver- no wiring required

One thing I never thought of was fingerprints when using a key pad. What if somebody can see the buttons you are pushing from your smudges and guess the code? Nope,  no reason to worry. Schlage already thought of this and it has a matte finish so no smudges show. You can choose from three different alerts for the alarm and also select the sensitivity. You can choose activity, tamper or forced entry alerts. Activity meaning the alarm will sound if the door handle is messed with at all. Tamper if a little stronger force is used to say pick the lock or mess around with it and forced entry is just that. If someone is putting some hard core force and trying to break down your door. You choose the alert that is best for you and you can change them daily if you wish. Simple to change by pushing the button on the inside panel of your deadbolt. Linking the Bridge to the deadbolt was quick and easy and we were on our way to the next security item for set up.

DSC03681 copy

DSC03678 copyDSC03684 copy

DSC03687 copyThe next and other very important item for security is the Outdoor Camera. Here are some of the features of the camera.

  • Keep an eye on your front porch, backyard or patio when you’re away.
  • Set up cameras in key spots in your home and view live video anytime from most web-accessible computers, tablets or smart phones.
  • Set scenes to record and store video and watch it later at your convenience.
  • Utilizes infrared technology for night vision.
  • Securely and easily connects to the web via your router.
  • Camera requires a Nexia subscription for easy video viewing via computer or smart phone app.
  • Installation and setup are simple. You’ll be up and running quickly.
  • For outdoor use.

schlage home outdoor camera

The only thing we found odd about the camera is that is has to be plugged in. I guess that’s not really odd but will make a huge decision on where you want to place the camera. It does have a long cord but still makes choices limited, especially if you want it to be somewhat discreet. My mom opted to use it indoors instead. That way she could place it where she wanted and have it aimed at the door. That way if someone did break in they would still be on camera. This also gave her some options to watch what her animals are doing while they are away. We were able to easily view the video on the computer although it was somewhat slow at processing live time video with their internet speed. There is an indoor camera as well if viewing indoors was your only priority.

The other security items, Schlage Home Dimmer Module, Schlage Home Door and Window Sensor and the Schlage Home Motion Sensor are all pretty self explanatory. You simply link them up to your Bridge and they are ready to go with whatever settings you set up on your My Nexia site. (more on that in a moment).

The Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built In Alarm will work with the alarm on it’s own but in order to control it and the other security devices remotely, they require a Nexia Subscription plan. Nexia subscriptions are $9.99 a month which I think is an affordable piece of mind. I also like that you can turn your subscription service on and off if you wish. You can only utilize it during your traveling months or all the time if you wish. There is no “plan” so to speak on how long you have to subscribe.

The Nexia Bridge is the “brain” of your security system linking all your items together, however you decide what you would like each item to do and when. First you need to set up your Nexia account which is quick and painless. The tricky part is telling each of your items what you would like it to do. We had to play around with some of the settings especially on the dimmer module to understand the language and get it set up right. We did love that we could set up for it to send a text message when a specific thing happened. Such as the alarm going off or the light coming on. There are so many ways to customize this to fit each unique reason for having it in the first place.

DSC03683 copy

So it was now time to put everything to the test. Mom and Dad went camping! Mom forgot to set one of the components up, I think it was turning on the video. No worries, pull out your smart phone, log into your Nexia account and turn it on. Everything else was uneventful. No alarms went off, nobody was on the video. Great news and piece of mind for Mom and Dad. Couldn’t ask for more.

There is so much to Schlage and Nexia I could write a novel here about them. So why can you count on Schlage and their quality? Well for one they have been around for 90 years! Two they are the leader in home security and hardware products! And three, they are meticulous designers, painstaking engineers and proud craftsmen! That all sounds pretty good to me!

Schlage is big on social media and will keep in you in the loop with all of their new, old and best products! They also do many contest for chances to win their awesome products! Find them here onFacebookTwitter and lots of photos on Pinterest!

Looking to upgrade your home? You can find Schlage products at many well known retailers such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, True Value and many more you can see here. And of course if you are designing your own you can purchase them straight from the Schlage website.

I have yet to be dissapointed with any of my Schlage products and I’m happy to recommend them to you. Have questions? Contact them! They are happy to help!


  1. Tara says:

    Wow, not only are all these products great for peace of mind but they look SO cool! I can’t even imagine how your parents must have felt after their house was broken into! You’re awesome for setting this up for them! Off to check out all these great products!

  2. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    This looks really nice. It doesn’t seem bulky or distract from the beauty of a front door. Some systems I have seen are obtrusive, but not this one.

  3. Michelle F. says:

    wow, what a cool looking system

  4. Janet W. says:

    I’ve never seen a system like this before! How neat! And I would feel much safer, too!

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